Aluminum screw posts have been a popular book binding solution for a long time, as they are extremely easy to put together and take apart, and require no machines or special training to use. Binding screws are simply that: screws. They are a two-piece binding solution that has one post side (female side) and one screw side (male side) that are screwed together to bind. To un-bind, they are simply unscrewed. Because they can be easily bound and unbound quickly, they are a great choice for photo book binding, blueprint and engineering drawing binding, and presentations that might be edited or changed in the future. 

Also called Chicago screws or Chicago screw posts, they come in a large selection of sizes from as small as 1/8" up to as large as 5". We also offer screw post extensions so you can bind even thicker books. Aluminum Chicago screws are the most popular option that we offer because of the larger range of sizes available, the perfect blend of affordability and strength, and their ability to easily be edited.