The Poly Cover Collection is the newest addition to our presentation cover line. Poly Covers are sturdy, economical and have a rich appearance. Poly Covers are available in a great variety of colors and textures, transparent and opaque. Although poly material is thick, it punches easily for any type of binding.

Clear Poly Covers - Clear poly covers are flexible, extremely durable, water-proof, tear resistant and with stand exposure to most chemicals. They are completely transparent, come in a variety of textures and thicknesses.

Sand Matte Poly Covers - These opaque poly covers have a two different textured finishes on the same cover. One side has a smooth matte finish and the opposite side has a heavier textured sand finish. This allows you to use either texture offering variety in the same cover. Available in a wide range of colors, these covers provide a traditional look that never goes out of style.

Leather Poly Covers - These solid opaque poly covers have a distinctive deep embossed leather textured surface on one side with a simple matte finish on the reverse side. The rigid leather grain-like look of these binding covers will enhance any proposal by adding visual interest.

Translucent Textured Stripe Poly Covers - Providing the same see through image quality of all our clear covers with the added interest of color to make your bound documents stand out. A fine diagonal striped textured surface that gives a streamline contemporary look, these covers are available in colors from the most popular Clear, Smoke Gray and Light Blue. However, we also offer some unexpected offerings like Fuchsia and Aqua Green.

Crystal Textured Poly Covers - These translucent poly covers have a unique "diamond plate" textured surface that gives an industrial contemporary look.

Hologram Textured Poly Covers - Give your bound documents a shimmering space age look that will make your documents noticed with these hologram textured covers. These unique covers offer almost a three dimensional look found with lenticular lense