Automatic Laminator

Automatic Two Sided Laminating

These units allow you to load a stack of paper into the feeder tray and walk away. The machine will automatically feed, laminate, trim and stack your finished sheets on the other side.

GBC Foton 30 Automatic Desktop Laminator

Hands-Free Lamination

  • Integrated 30 page sheet feeder with de-skew ensures documents are straight when entering the laminator.
  • Load and Go operation! Foton starts automatically after warm-up.
  • Three operation modes produce perfect quality lamination for most types of documents.

Easy Supply Loading

  • Easy to load self-threading cartridge makes changing film simple.
  • Pouch-Less Lamination! Never load a pouch again.


Lami Revo-Office Automatic Laminator

The Revo-Office is an automatic roll-fed laminator with auto-feed and automatic cutting.

With a one-button push start, laminate quickly without the need of operator assistance per sheet. Compact size to fit on a desktop, simple operation and six times faster than pouch lamination make this laminator the perfect choice for the office, school environment or print shop.



The ALM 3230 is a fantastic new automatic laminator from Fujipla that automatically feeds, laminates and trims a stack of up to 100 sheets of paper ranging from standard letter size to 13" x 19" digital prints. 

This compact machine works with single and double sided lamination ranging from 1.2mil to 5mil in thickness with the ability to laminate an unlimited length of coverstock as heavy as 100lbs at a fixed rolling speed of 40 inches/minute with adjustable cutting margins on all four sides and temperature control between 170 - 270°F. We highly recommend this superb system for anyone laminating 1,000+ pages per month.

Revo T14 Automatic Encapsulation Laminator

The Revo-T14 is a fully automatic laminator for business professionals and copy/print shops with higher productivity demands.

The Revo-T14 with automatic feeding, laminating and cutting, offers high speed and convenience with one touch of the start button. Set automatic internal cutter to cut or run in continuous lengths. Great for long encapsulated banners and custom materials.



The ALM3222 Al-Meister Fully Automatic Laminator, manufactured by Fujipla, is a new and improved version of the original Al-Meister 3220. The ALM3222 uses dual heat rollers to laminate extremely resilient glossy or matte film that resists water damage, scuffing and protects its contents from ultra violet light damage. Plus, if you need to trim your laminated page, you'll never experience de-lamination. The Al-Meister 3222 is the next step in efficiency from its predecessor with a 70% increase in speed from the ALM 3230 (from 40" to 68" per minute maximum lamination speed) and features long mode operation for virtually any length sheet, as well as a 13" wide feed tray for 13" x 19" sheets (12.6" of lamination coverage).