Thermal Laminators

Thermal (hot) roll laminating is one of the most reliable and economical methods of protecting important documents. We offer clear and matte thermal film in a variety of mil thicknesses for your hot roll laminators. Our selection of high-quality thermal laminators is sure to provide you with the perfect machine for your specific needs!

Phoenix 2700-DHP Dual Heat Laminator - Production Model

The Phoenix™ 2700-DHP Heat Roll Laminator-Production Model is a smart choice for production environments looking for an economical, easy-to-use unit. The compact tabletop design is great for smaller working areas.


Phoenix™ 2700-DH Dual Heat Laminator-Education Model

The Phoenix™ 2700-DH Heat Roll Laminator-Education Model is perfect for the School/Office markets. Its compact tabletop design is great for small working areas. Designed for preserving and enhancing larger size documents, a roll laminator can help you to laminate a large poster or several smaller items up to 27" in width. 


Phoenix 4400-DHP Thermal & PSA Laminator

The Phoenix™ 4400-DHP Thermal & PSA Laminator continues the evolution of the Southwest line of Phoenix laminators, offering a sleek design full of useful features to complete both thermal and PSA applications. The 4400-DHP promises long-term durability and reliable performance at an economical price point which will easily fit into your budget.