MBM AP60 Pro Air Purifier

Features of the LUFT™ AP60 Pro Air Purifier

  • Compact air purifier with high quality air cleansing system
  • Equipped with control panel for easy and simple utilization
  • Purifies the room sizes of 538-753 square feet with efficiency
  • 360 degree inclusive of HEPA and carbon active filter for hygienic indoor air
  • Color codes on the LED touch panel indicate the quality of air
  • The silent motor provides continuous and quiet operations
  • Inclusive of RFID intelligence which aids in easy filter change
  • Machine can be controlled through an IDEAL AIR PRO application
  • Recommended for people who suffer from allergies, smells and chemicals
  • Effective against chemicals, smells, PM 2.5, minor and nitrogen dioxide
  • Inclusive of a remote controller for easy and simple use
  • Backed with 1-year limited warranty excluding wearables

Performance of the LUFT™ AP60 Pro Air Purifier

MBM air purifier series have been acknowledged to be best among its competitors so its AP60. The AP60 is assembled and designed to purify air and fight against bacteria or chemicals. The device is the ultimate solution to fight bacteria and provides the healthy air that is essential for you. The machine covers about a room of 538 to 753 square feet making it ideal for hospitals and offices. This machine is user friendly as it is mounted with an intuitive control panel which provides function modes such as auto / manual / turbo.

                The AP60 is assembled with a 360 filter which is inclusive of the lifelong HEPA filter and the carbon active for hygienically purified air. There is a 3-code indicator which provides the current air condition in the room. MBM AP60 high-quality air purifier has touch control with air outlets are installed to keep the device clean and has a sensor system which monitors the air quality including dust sensor, gas and odor sensor. The machine can be controlled through a remote and an application for user convenience.

Recommendation and Warranty

The AP60 purifier is an exceptional machine that provides you with clean and fresh air fit for your health and environment. The machine is backed with 1 year limited warranty excluding wearables to ensure customer satisfaction.