MBM Luft AP30 Pro Air Purifier

Features of the LUFT™ AP30 Pro Air Purifier

  • High quality air purifier for hygienic air for your rooms
  • Built in Wi-Fi connection and ideal app for controlling through smartphones
  • LED control panel indicate air quality with 3 color codes on it
  • Equipped with 360-degree filter with mesh filter, HEPA for pure indoor air
  • This AP30 Pro is recommended for allergy suffers and against chemicals and smells
  • Economical machine consumes low energy and has night mode for user convenience
  • Ultra-quiet operations making it ideal for workplaces and hospitals
  • Equipped with 5 level of fan speed for quick air purification
  • Superior sensors in the automatic mode detects the air level indication
  • Backed with 1-year limited warranty excluding wearables

Performance of the LUFT™ AP30 Pro Air Purifier

The LUFT AP30 air purifiers are the ultimate economical and health solution of today. With the pollution rising as it is peak these purifiers are the devices that are in need to be installed. This machine is an ideal for a small place like hospitals rooms and is designed to provide ultra-quiet operations. The machine can cover a room of 300 square foot and has 5 levels of fan speed. The machine is equipped with the 360 degrees multi-layer filter which is constructed with fine mesh filter, true HEPA filter and also a layer of high activated carbon portion.

                The machine is inclusive of variety of features which makes it user and environment friendly. The machine is an ideal upgrade for the people with allergies and it fights against chemicals and smells and providing the ultra-hygienic air to you. The three-color codes indicate the air quality in the room on its LED touch panel which allows easy and intuitive use. The AP30 pro can be utilized with a mobile application IDEAL Air Pro for the convenience of the customers.

Recommendation and Warranty

To ensure customer satisfaction the machine comes with a 1-year limited warranty excluding wearables. The AP30 provides you with hygienic and clean air making the environment healthy and secure for you.